Friday, April 24, 2020


We will be having our "drive-by food pantry" on Saturday morning from 10 to noon at Living Water Fellowship. You will not be getting out of your car...just pull up, and we will pack up what you need and bring it out.  If you need food, know someone who needs food, know OF someone who needs food...please come pick some up, or contact us if there are transportation or timing problems. Email stonesoupkitchenministries @ (remove the spaces) or leave us a comment will be kept private.  ANYone is questions asked. No residency, income, or ID requirements. 

We all owe a deep debt of thanks to Ayer Shop n' Save, the Ayer Rotary, the New England Grassroots Fund, and the entire local many people who care about their neighbors! 

Living Water Fellowship, 41 Littleton Road, MA 01432
(Monetary donations can be sent to the address above with pantry/kitchen written on the memo line)

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