Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday take-out potluck

We will be doing our 5:00 Friday potluck dinner at Living Water Fellowship as a "Grab + Go". The meal this week will feature barbecue chicken along with potatoes, salad, and other sides, dessert, a juice box, and some extra snacks for the weekend. ANYone and EVERYone is welcome.

Special thanks this week to Bob + Deborah Brachel, Dan + Beth Condon, Sonja Clark, Amy Leonard, Pam Wyman, Nancy Ohringer, Amy Maloney, Ayer Rotary, Reese Gorini, Rev. Phil Goff, John + Kathyann Ellis, Spaulding Electric, Pauline Conley, Kathy Oosterman, Melanie Pepin, Jen Pederson, Laurie Sabol, Nancy Askin, Janet Providakes, the New England Grassroots Environment Fund, the Ayer MA Community, and the entire staff at Ayer Shop n' Save!

Living Water Fellowship, 41 Littleton Rd, Ayer MA 01432

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