Thursday, March 19, 2020


Our Friday night 5:00 potluck will feature pot roast provided by our own Ayer Shop n' Save, along with gravy, vegetables, rolls, dessert, a juice box, and some extra snacks for the weekend. There will be a ride available from the Ayer Town Hall parking lot and back after the meal. Meet up about 10 minutes before 5:00 if you need a ride. ANYone and EVERYone is welcome.

 We will also have a "drive-by food pantry" on Saturday morning from 10 to noon at Living Water Fellowship. There will be prepacked bags of ready-to-eat foods that will cater to different family configurations, like ages and number of children, etc. And yes, we have toilet paper! You will not be getting out of your car...just pull up, and I will pack up what you need and bring it out.

 ***Please remember Loaves + Fishes and the school's "Grab and Go" program. If you are qualified for these and can get to them, they are both wonderful resources. If you don't qualify or can't get there, we are here for you. We have no residency or income restrictions.***

 Special thanks this week to Bob + Deborah Brachel, Dan Condon, Gwen Darden, Janet Providakes, Pauline Conley, Lyna Tiernan, the Ayer Library, Joanna West, and Ayer Shop n' Save!

Living Water Fellowship, 41 Littleton Rd, Ayer MA 01432

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