Friday, January 24, 2020

Friday night potluck!

Stone Soup Kitchen Potluck will be holding a potluck dinner this Friday evening, January 24, 2020, from 5 to 6:00 at Living Water Fellowship in Devenscrest! Anyone who needs a good meal or some company is welcome to join us. There will be a ride available from the Ayer Town Hall parking lot and back after the meal. Meet up about 10 minutes before 5:00 if you need a ride.

 Tonight we're going to be having a crispy chicken drumsticks as our main, plus roasted vegetables, salad, breads, and dessert. ANYone and EVERYone is welcome to join us for our potluck, no need to bring anything but yourself! We can also open the clothing pantry after the meal if anyone is in need of some warm winter clothing, including coats and boots.

 Special thanks this week to Bob + Deborah Brachel, Dan Condon, Nancy Ohringer, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, Ayer MA, the family of Paul R Duhamel

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